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Self-Employed? Here Are 5 Reasons You Need An Accountant

Beginning in self-employment can be a liberating and life-changing decision; however, it comes with a steep learning curve. As a newly self-employed individual, you may be wondering whether it is necessary to hire an accountant. While it is possible to handle your own finances and taxes, you will be much better served by enlisting the help of a qualified accountant. Read on for five key reasons to contact your local accountant today: Read More 

Commercial Debt Collection: Should You Outsource These Services?

One unfortunate aspect that you would have to contend with when having a business is the accruing of debts. If you do not try to recover these debts from your customers in good time, your business could experience adverse effects and become unprofitable. Some business owners may try to recover these debts on their own, assuming that it would be more economical to do so in-house. However, doing this can severely decrease the productivity of your business, which still leads to a loss of profits. Read More 

Common Small Business Accounting Errors and How To Avoid Them

Mistakes in accounting can seriously impact your small business, and that's why you should always hire accountants to manage your financials for you.  However, you can take steps to keep things in order by avoiding the most common errors.  Read on for a few tips on how to keep your books balanced! Invoices Each time you issue an invoice to a customer, you record an entry to show that they owe you money. Read More 

Different Ways Taking A Pay-Cut During Rough Times Helps To Make Your Business Stronger

When business finances start to go bad, it is common for business owners to take a pay-cut. Normally, this is done to cut expenses and to take the business back to its former financial position. But besides that, taking a pay-cut also helps to make your business stronger in a number of other ways. See what they are below. You Earn The Respect Of Your Employees Not every business owner will take a pay-cut when things go bad. Read More 

What Is The ‘Single Item Limit’ On Your Home Insurance?

As a home owner, you'll need to take out home contents insurance to cover your possessions in the event that you suffer loss as a result of theft or damage.  However, many insurance companies place a 'single item limit' on their home insurance plans, which could mean that your most expensive items are excluded.  So how do you ensure that you don't lose out?  Read on for more information. How does a 'single item limit' work? Read More